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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The First Snow

 This girl came running out of her room this morning at 7:20.  Usually, Jillian opens her door without getting out of bed, and waits for her daddy to deliver her breakfast to her in her room so to see her running out of her room so early was such a surprise.  She was ready to get out in the snow!  She woke right up, ran to her window to see, then bounded out to me requesting to go out to play!  She didn't even eat before her play session.
 This one was right behind her.  Going down the snow covered slide and dragging all the snow with your bumm to the bottom always makes you giggle.  Anna thought it was hilarious!
 Swing me in the snow.  Please?

 It is hard to be cranky about the snow with such enthusiasm from my little ones.  I spent the whole morning dressing and undressing so they could be outside playing!  I am relieved I got out all the boots, hats, pants, gloves, and coats last weekend when I saw snow in the forecast as there was no keeping them inside!
 Life is so sweet with these beauties around.  The temps weren't too cold so we enjoyed being out for short periods several times today.
 After about three rounds without Molly, she decided to come out too.  This is the first time she has seen snow with us.  Her province is in southern China so it is possible that she hasn't ever seen it.  She was very puffy in her snow suit, and not so sure she wanted to walk in the mysterious, cold stuff at first.
 Anna was beside her, and doing her best to show her the fun!
 Emily retrieved our sled for us, and Molly Kate loved it!

Listen to her giggles....

 She did take a spill, and I had to snap a picture of her wrestling herself up before helping her.  She was too cute!
This baby is quite pleased with her first experience which is good because this is only the beginning sweet one.  We have many, many more snow filled days ahead of us here in the Midwest.  Welcome to Winter Baby Girl!  We are glad you like it!

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