Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Celebrating Daddy

Yesterday was our Daddy's Birthday!
 Jillian colored a sign for his chair.
 39 candles sure are smokey!
 The girls wished Daddy a Happy Day!
 Jillian was getting her some birthday kisses from her daddy.
Then Daddy opened his present.
It was a simple day, but we enjoyed celebrating our AMAZING Daddy!
Happy 39th Birthday!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Merry-Go-Round Goodness

This last week, we discovered a neighborhood park with a merry go round.
It is bliss..I tell you.
It is pure bliss for this treasure who loves to spin as fast as she can.
 She loves to sit spinning while momma runs fast pushing this wonderful contraption.
 Of course, she is always up for kicking some leaves
or buying herself in them.
 She even loves to push that big, heavy merry go round herself.
 This new park we discovered makes her SUPER happy.
 The best part is this park will be PERFECT for
two Chinese littles to play in with their momma.
It is just the right size for two pint size treasures
to be kept safe when it is two verses one.
 As I marveled at this little blessing making circles in the dirt,
I was dreaming of the other little who waits for us on the other side of the world.
I can't wait to have her here with us.
Soon, this park will be full of Chinese goodness
as my two littles enjoy being outside and playing together.
I am dreaming of it today!
I am wishing it could be soon in my heart,
I am resting in knowing God has every day written in His book for us.
LOC could be any day now.
Then, we will travel 8-10 weeks after that.
OH..the goodness!

Friday, November 23, 2012

A Blessed Thanksgiving..

A slow day..
with lots of eating..
taking time to thank God in prayer..
for this little life..
 for the food that we have to eat..
 for the love of our little family..
and most of all for
 the saving relationship we are able to have
with our Savior Jesus Christ.

There is a sweet face missing from our table this year-
Our Anna Mei
who we anxiously wait for God's timing to bring home.
How I long for her to know the love of a family sitting around our table on Thanksgiving.
God willing, this is the last year her spot will be empty.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper

I had a little help in the kitchen this morning.
 Is she not the sweetest little thing in that apron?
Em wore that apron too.
 She rolled out the pie dough.
 She managed to get lots of flour on her face.
 She was very interested in what I was doing and willingly joined right in.
After about 15 minutes, (just in time to clean up) she signed all done and off she went.
Still, these are memories that I TREASURE in my heart.
She is such a blessing.
That God would see fit to give her to us is so beyond me, but I praise Him everyday for the gift of her.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Time Out

Yes, folks, time out.
Our little lady is developmentally progressed to the point where
a little time out is needed now and then.
(or maybe a bit more than now and then)
Flinging her spoon to make her yogurt fly is the main cause of this being her destination.
I rejoice at this because another develpmental milestone is being met.
While I hope we don't stay in willful disobedience long,
this little lady is getting a mind of her own
and it is glorious.
In the last week I have..
found her opening the bathroom cabinet drawers to use them as a ladder to reach the faucet,
standing on her ride on toy to switch the light on and off a hundred times really fast,
using her drumsticks to stir the water in the toliet while shouting with joy,
flushing her yellow little people bed down the upstairs toliet,
signing "I love you" while running to jump on me.
There is never a dull moment with this tornado.
I am thankful for that!
All of this activity, thinking, signing..
she is accomplishing so much more than anyone would have guessed.
 My miracle is full of life after being void of it for so long.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Few of Her Favorite Things..

Macaroni and Cheese..
She could live on the stuff!
Playing with her slinky..
We are master detanglers.
Jumping on her bed..
(Notice she is putting three signs together to communicate!)
Laughing at her Daddy..
He is the funniest thing in her life-clearly!
Watching worship DVDs...
(no cartoons or wiggles for this chicka)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Impossible And Then There Was You

The best things that God has ever called me to do are the things that seem utterly impossible. 
Adoption is one of those things.  Impossible.  I don't have the money.  I have never had the money, but yet I have done it once-without the money-and I am doing it again.  Today I am humbled and in awe of all those who are willing to stand in the gap for us and for our baby.  So many in the last month have shared what they have with us.  Without you, I would not be able to fulfill this purpose that God has given me for my life.  Without you, my daughter would continue to sit and a wait..she would continue to be just another bed number in an orphanage in China.  In just four weeks, We have made a huge dent in the $20,000 that we still need before we travel in 3-6 months by raising about $4,500.  God is faithful and I will never be able to thank you enough for your willingness to be His hands and feet for our daughter!  THANK YOU TODAY!  Thank you to the many who have already supported us and for the others who God will continue to use to meet this need.  It is miraculous!  Miraculous to see God working in such mighty ways in such an impossible situation!

He who calls you is faithful and He will surely do it.  1Thessalonians 5:24

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Readoption Day

On Monday, November 5th @ 1:15 PM,
(nap time mind you)
we walked this little lady into the county courthouse.
We went into the HUGE building, passed through metal detectors,
 walked up three flights of stairs,
waited in the hall for about twenty minutes,
and then entered the courtroom.
That is a lot of new places and a lot of transitioning..
I was very nervous about how she would do.
Again, this little girl rocked it!
(She even smiled!)
She stole the heart of the attorney, judge, and guardian.
She will now officially be issued a US birth certificate.
I tell ya, this little girl is blowing me away in the last few weeks.
It seems impossible that she has come so far.
It seems there isn't anything she can't do now a days
as long as her momma, daddy, and sissy are near.
We are so blessed to have her.

Monday, November 5, 2012

She IS NOT Just A Bed Number

Meet our newest treasure..
 We received her Ch*nese paperwork today. 
These are all the official pieces of paper that outline her short life. 

I cried after reading them
the papers are all labeled female and have her bed number.
This beauty is so much more than just a female known by a bed number.

 She is beautiful,
created in the image of God,
a little sister,
MY daughter.

I don't want my daughter just to be another child in bed #251.
I want her home where she will be Anna Mei Masterson-little sister to Emily and Jillian-loved by her Daddy-treasured by her Momma-cared for-adored-prayed over.

My prayer today is that God will make these months of waiting fly by.  Today the waiting is hard and my heart is heavy to get to her.  At the same time, as I know that my daughter soon will no longer be just another bed MANY more are still waiting.  It is so much more than I can bare to think of today.  Praying...Praying..

The Day After Orphan Sunday

I thought all day yesterday about what to share.  It was Orphan Sunday after all and my heart burns with love for the orphan. I thought about what I could say or share that could mean something given my journey, what God has taught me about the orphan from His word, and where we are currently walking BUT the only thing I could think about yesterday as I reflected on Orphan Sunday was how little I have done for the kingdom when it comes to the orphan crisis.  I was filled with repentance and regret as I studied God's word  during my quiet time reflecting on the orphan and reading scripture.  I spent 33 years of my life looking the other way.  I didn't sponsor a child, adopt, pray for, or even think of the children who my heart now is broken for.  I wasted so much time ignoring this part of God's word and ignoring these children.  Yesterday, I was overwhelmed by my inadequacy and sinfulness.  I was overcome by how much time I wasted just focusing on myself and my own family.  I spent a lot of time thinking about these last three years, about the blessings I have received because I now allow myself to "see" and love these children.  I thought of the children I sponsor and have been able to meet and I thought about my babies.  The two precious babies-once orphans-that God has allowed me to call my own.  I thought of them and the many others that sit in orphanages, foster homes, and on the streets all over the world waiting for someone to call them son or daughter.  How can it be that I wasted so much time blinded to these children?  I ended the day asking God's forgiveness and begging Him to use me more.  There are way too many children suffering for me to sit by.  I have Christ.  I want them to know His love too.  My prayer today is that my heart will not sit dormant..that my life will not grow cold to the commands of God's word and that one day ALL children will know the love of a family!  As many churches took time yesterday to reflect on God's word in regard to the orphan crisis, I am praying that hearts were moved and that one by one...they will all come home!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tri-Delt Winner

My oldest treasure NEVER agrees to getting photos.
In fact, last week I asked her to come out to the leaves with her sister.
She cried because her favorite jeans were dirty
I just abandon my plan to get pictures with her.
last night she was awarded the Tri-Delt award for the Varsity Volleyball team.
She didn't let us get pictures of her at school,
but agreed to a few at home.
 The Tri-Delt award is given to a player who demonstrates
christian character,
and a solid work ethic.
Our teenager started varsity all year.
She didn't get to play as much with her same age friends.
(She is a jr high student.)
She was able to play with some wonderful older athletes,
but it was tough at times.
I am so proud of the way that the Lord is working in her life.
I am glad that she attends a school where teaching character and Christian living is highly regarded and not just an after thought.  She is growing so much-changing and maturing everyday.  I am blessed to be her momma and love to see how her heart is tending toward the things of the Lord.  Can't wait to see what the Lord does with her in this life.  We are so blessed to know Him and be able to raise our children to know and serve Him. Truly passing Him on to my children is one of my greatest pleasures!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fundraiser..Christmas Shopping Frenzy

Please Join Us..
Sunday, Nov 4

@ the Speakeasy Art Center

353 Court St. in downtown Pekin


for a Christmas Shopping Extravaganza
(a portion of all you spend will be donated to our adoption fund by these generous vendor)

Vendors will be selling...
Heavenly Dip Mixes,
31 bags,
Pampered Chef,
Usborne Books,
Hand Stamped Jewelry,
Our Amazing Adoption T-shirts,
Custom Designed Posters and Postcards,
Homemade baked goods,
 you will even be able to catch a glimpse of our Anna's face.
(her picture will be on display)

If you are not in town or can't make it, you can shop Usborne here online or pampered chef here online and that will be credited to our account.  THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER FOR HELPING BRING OUR ANNA HOME!!