Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Look Who is Chewing

We have been home with Ellie for about two months now.  During that time, I have been pushing along with her feeding therapy activities.  These are exactly the activities that I did with Jillian for years.  We pulled back on pushing Jilly any further about two years ago because it was just psychologically too much for her.  She was gaining weight, growing, and participating in life eating only pureed soft food so we just took a break.  Well since coming home with Ellie, our Jillian is very very interested in all things Ellie Grace.  Many of the techniques and strategies that are helping Ellie are the very ones that helped our Jilly back then so it makes complete sense, but I never expected this..
I just thought I would offer her a rice husk a few days ago, and she bit!  Not only did she bite it, but she kept the pieces in there and tried her darnedest to chew it!  I have added a few more things like these puffs, and she keeps eating them.  Miracles never cease!  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Playing at Great Grandma's

Recently, we went to visit my Grandma..the little girl's great introduce her to our Ellie Grace.

It is always precious to be with my babies at my Grandma's.  Both of my grandmas are still living and it is such a gift.

My babies are loved and cherished by our family, and it always warms my heart.

Ellie Grace was a fan of Grandma's mardi gras beads,

and Grandma was a fan of our Miss Ellie Grace.
What a blessing these babes are to all of us!

The Beach

I couldn't be more thrilled for the hot temperatures these last few weeks as it was perfect beach weather and we LOVE the beach around here.
We got two trips in last week and it was glorious to be there!  All of the girls love being in the water.
Ellie loved the beach too which is a good thing because we spend a lot of time here.
It is so fun experiencing so many firsts with her.
She soaks up the sun like our Jillian and just runs her hand through the sand.
It is going to be a fabulous summer!
It always goes too fast, but we have many beach days planned!
By the end of the summer these three may turn into fish if they have their way!  Oh that summer could last forever!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Streamer Play

My girl LOVES to pull at strings, chains, or any dangling anything.

So, this streamer sensory play was a no brainer for me.

I always have streamers in the craft room so one morning I simply hung streamers down the side of the kitchen table with painters tape.

For twenty minutes my girl was BUSY!

She was so engaged by these streamers, and even mouthed them which caused the dye to bleed.  Beware of bleeding dye if you do this activity, and be ready for one happy baby girl if your sweet punkin is like mine.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The End of Preschool

This little lady has grown so much this year.  We are so grateful for her incredible teacher, and all she has learned at school as a three year old.  She is writing her name, knows all of her uppercase letters, most of her lowercase letters, some sounds, and about thirty sightwords.  She is doing great, and her teachers were amazing!  They put together a little program to celebrate the end of the school year, and our Molly performed for everyone.

Two Years Home

We brought home a new baby, had this girl's end of the year preschool program, hosted a party for 300 for my oldest's graduation, and then collapsed into a heap of exhaustion.  Needless to say, I am just catching up with life.
At the end of May, we celebrated two years with our spunky Miss Molly.
My has she grown in the last two years.
She is still tiny for her age, but she is mighty.
She is the most determined, and independent little one I have ever had.
We certainly love this crazy, silly little peanut.  Happy two years home my amazing girl!


She just learned how to make raspberries with her tongue.  She thinks it is especially funny to make them when she has food in her mouth.  


I am sure every single mother says this, but my word I can't believe this girl of mine is grown up.

We enjoyed the weekend of her graduation so much as several friends and family traveled to visit.  It was definitely a time for me to reflect on this mothering journey.  I have been thinking about what has had the most impact on my girl, and what are some things I could do better as I raise the littles.  God is abundantly good to give me a do over as I love being a momma so much.  I can't imagine being done with this season of life, but that is exactly where I would be had I not added my beautiful babes.

Our girl was the valedictorian.  She delivered a short, God honoring speech that made this momma proud.

Precious Babies.

One big girl whom I never dreamed would be surrounded by Chinese cuteness on this day, but here she is and I am grateful to God for the gift of my girls.

Just like that, we are done.  Looking forward to the fall, and all that this big girl will accomplish as the Lord allows her to grow.


Just a few weeks ago, we closed a chapter in my oldest life.

I brought home a new baby, had a senior prom, and graduation all within three weeks.

May was a crazy month.

This beautiful young woman didn't seem too frazzled though.

She took it all in stride.

I am still catching up though.

Thankful for this gift of my big girl and all that she adds to our life.

Jilly Playing Dress Up

Our sweet Jilly is growing and changing so much.  The other night as I was reorganizing the dress up garb in the girl's room, she was trying on all sorts of combinations of her own making.  Then she would go to the full length mirror and just laugh and laugh at herself.  We just love watching her mind work.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Eight weeks ago in China, I made this sweet girl a tissue paper sensory bin.  She wouldn't touch it at all.  Back then, she was much more interested in playing with her hands than interacting with the world around her.  This morning, I made the same bin again, but today...

Today, she loved playing with this bin!

She couldn't get enough of squishing the red piece. It is the one she always keeps going back to.

She was babbling and exploring and this momma was thrilled.

Isn't she beautiful? She has changed so much in the last eight weeks and we love watching her grow!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017

Silly Before Surgery

My baby girl had a simple procedure this week at the U.  She rocked it!  She must have remembered this silly juice from her last procedure and how it made her feel because she "asked" if she would have red medicine before it was offered.  My girl is so smart.  She was too too precious all silly while we waited...

The care she receives here is so phenomenal.  I couldn't be more thankful to be so close to one of the best children's hospitals in the country.  Her dear ENT is a believer and I honestly always look forward to the time she spends just talking with me.  I am always so encouraged by her, and her care for my girl is so heart warming.  We left with a feeding clinic referral because our girl is doing so well in all areas of her life, and is emotionally so much more stable that I am feeling like it is time to tackle her feeding issues again.  It was good to take a few years off as she just couldn't emotionally handle the challenge of working on her feeding before now, but I feel like she is ready to try to gain some more skills where eating is concerned.  It is always hard to know when to settle, and when to push my Jilly, but this year she has been so interested in her peers and eating that it is worth a shot.  Praying this girl can handle a bit of a challenge without too much set back.  I love her so, and navigating what is best for her is not always straight forward.  Trusting the Lord, and holding on to hope that one day this girl might eat a sandwich.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Marshmallow Sensory Play

When I was cleaning out the cabinet and found these marshmallows..I couldn't resist.

 Who knew a sensory bin of marshmallows would be so fun?

Who can stand this cuteness?

I must be the most blessed momma in the world to still get to play in marshmallows at my age! (I just walked my oldest out the door on the way to her college orientation with her Daddy.  Then I sat on the floor and played in the marshmallows.  God has a sense of humor.)

Oh, I love this girl as she brings so much fun to this family!

Each time, I am blessed with a new little..I am in awe of how quickly I couldn't imagine life without them.

As I play today, I am eternally grateful for each one of you that helped this girl home.

I pray those chubby hands are always, always busy and I embrace the fun that she brings to us as she grows.  Life can be so busy that I  often don't take the time to sit on the floor and enjoy.  Today, I enjoyed this baby so much as she squished these little sugar cubes.  Praising Jesus for every single moment of this blessed journey, and embracing this crazy!