Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's Back

Her voice is here!  We had a trial last month meaning that we were given four weeks with this incredible, amazing device.  During that four weeks, our speech therapists called our trial "the most successful" she had ever seen.  My baby girl carried this voice everywhere on her own without prompting.  She used it to name fruits and vegetables in the produce aisle at the store, used it to tell me she didn't want to drink oj a million times a day as I made her try it when we had the voice and she did not like it, and so much more.  When the trial was over and I had to send her voice back, I packed it up, dropped it off at UPS, and cried the whole way home.  I knew Jilly would miss it.  I knew her ability to communicate most effectively would now be gone for 4-6 weeks, but God has been working full speed to reunite my darling girl with her voice.  Our insurance approved her purchase stat and it just so happened that a brand new voice was ordered weeks ago and was just finished being built  for a client who would have to cancel their order this very week when my Jilly's approval came from our benefits!  They were able to transfer her saved files to it right away and we do not have to wait for another to be manufactured for her!  Praising God today that her voice is back!  When I signed for it, I teared up again probably causing the UPS man to think I am a lunatic and maybe I am, but I am thrilled to have it back!  I called her in the living room to open the box.  I tried to video her face through my tears, but baby girl has the sliest smile while she looks down at the machine.  The first thing she said was "I don't want to drink orange juice" which just about caused me to split my pants I was laughing so hard.  She then started running back and forth down the hallway talking with this incredible device!  I am so thrilled for her and praising God for all He continues to make possible for her!

God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Piggy Tails

An orphan's head is shaved and even though said head is very, very reminds me of all the time she didn't have me to care for her as I look at it. Because of this, I wait in anticipation for this day and it has come!

Anna Mei can wear piggy tails!

She is so stinking cute indeed!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Joy Joy Joy

I'll be the first to admit, there have been many, many circumstances that I have allowed to steal my joy in the last few weeks.  This season that we are in is the one of the most challenging I have ever had.  Being in this new place, with a new babe, renovating a house, being away from my's been getting to me too much.  So Thursday on the way to school as Anna Mei demanded we sing JOY JOY JOY IN HEART (her words exactly), I resigned to rise above.  I decided to spend far less time focusing on my surrounding circumstances (that really are very, very insignificant compared to what many people are facing) and focus on the hope that I have because of my relationship with Jesus.  As a result, I abandon my duties on Thursday morning and just enjoyed my Anna while Jillian was in school.  Then before picking Jilly up that morning, Anna and I packed the wagon in the van, lunches in our backpack, and prepared to spend a few hours together at our new neighborhood park.  I drove us to the new house, unpacked the wagon, loaded the girls in, and walked the route to our new park.  I was overcome with more JOY than I have seen in my heart in weeks as I imagined my family here in the months to come.  There are just enough swings, climbing equipment galore, a great ball court for Daddy and Em, and sidewalks all the way there.  God has been so very good and, while some circumstances may have seemed overwhelming in the last few weeks, He continues to meet our needs abundantly.  I am so blessed. 
 Anna Mei was so very pleased with all she could now do by herself.  She kept saying BIG girl now!
 This treasure's eyes are a window to her soul.  How I wish I could get into her heart for just a moment.
 She found watery puddles to splash in too.
 She smiled at the sandbox.  I have a feeling we will be spending lots of time here.
 This little peanut loved everything including eating her pretzels at the park on a picnic.
I can't wait until we are settled in our new home and we don't have to drive the wagon to the new house in order to walk to this little park.  I can just see my babes growing up here and I can't wait to see all that God has in store for us.

Friday, March 14, 2014

On Her Finding Day..

Today, I am overcome with emotion because today is Jillian's finding day. 
Dearest Jillian,
Five years ago today, just five days after your birth, you were found by a woman and taken to the orphanage.  Five years ago today, your birth mother likely saw and kissed you for the last time.  She had five days with you and I hope with all my heart that the memories of those days are ones she can hold onto and treasure.  I am grateful today for the protection that God provided you as you lay waiting for someone to find you.  I feel so unworthy to parent you as you are such a miraculous little being whom God clearly has a great plan for.  My precious girl I can't thank your birth mother enough for giving you life.  I can't imagine what she went through in deciding to leave you this day five years ago, but I am grateful to God for leading me to you and that I get the chance to know you as my daughter.  I love you with all my heart.  I have seen great miracles in the last three years as I walk beside you and my faith in God is so much bigger because of your part in my life.  If I could see your birth mother now, if I could only have a few minutes with her, I would assure her that you are loved and treasured.  I would tell her of the great God who protected you and brought you to me.  I would give the glory to Him for the works He continues to do in your life.  You my dear, dear sweet girl are so very loved by me, but even more loved by the one who made you and wrote each of these days in His book long before He gave you to me.  He alone is the one who planned for you to be found on this day five years ago.  He directed the steps of the person who found  you, made sure you were taken to that small, rural orphanage, and then brought to us nearly two years later.  You are one of the greatest blessings of my life and today I pause to remember your birth mother and give thanks for her.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Her Birthday

Sunday we celebrated her.  It had it's struggles as our newest treasure had a very difficult time allowing her sister to be in the spotlight, but we did our best to help Jilly be the star of the day while still making Anna feel treasured.  I can't believe that Jillian is five years old.  Truly these last three years seem like they have gone by so fast and I can't imagine my life without this sweet treasure in it.

 Clearly, she is wondering what this is all about.

 She liked her Mr. Potato Head cake.
 She tore into her presents without even waiting to be told.
 She was very careful to tear the paper just right.
 These were her favorite gift.  She uses them in OT and she is good at this game!  She was happy to see them.

 She was hiding her eyes while waiting for her cake to come out.

We are thrilled to have her here with us another year!  She is truly our miracle and we are grateful for the privilege of parenting her.  I remember the first year we celebrated her.  She has come so far.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

For the Love of the K Cup

This is probably one of the roughest mornings I have had with my cherubs in a long while.  It was not only one of was BOTH of them.  The littlest was fussy and irritated for a good hour which in turn irritated and set off an autstic offness for my oldest.  MAN it was ROUGH!  Daddy even had to stay home and cancel his lunch plans to help.  Throw in a house renovation, more snow, laundry, messes, and don't forget the cold and you might as well commit me.  I am doing my best to choose JOY today because I know that God has got this.  I know that God knows the details of the next minutes, hours, and months.  I know He won't leave me.  For that I am grateful.

And since looking over a little cuteness does improve my mood, I decided to edit and upload these shots of Anna overlooking her hot chocolate brewing.  The girl LOVES her some hot chocolate.  I hope they make you smile as much as they make me smile!

 We just unpacked the magic one cup machine.
 She is a fan.

 Daddy had to get some sweet chocolate kisses from her.
She says..I Love Hot Chocolate!