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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bloomsbury Farm Fun

We had a dear friend from back home send us a gift for family fun.  It is such a blessing to be loved by so many.  We treated the girls to the Bloomsbury Farm which is one of their favorite places on earth.  It was such a blessing to enjoy all the activities with my littles, and to have Molly here for the first time.
 The jumping pillow is Anna Mei's absolute favorite activity!  Molly Kate agreed with her!
 We made precious memories as this girl is growing up so much now that we have a new baby home!
 Fun!  Fun!  Fun!
 This sensory seeking girl loves this farm.  Running, sliding, and digging in corn/hay is a perfect combination for a fabulous day in her book.
 This little one loved the hay too.
 The corn box.  It is a giant crib full of kernels that come up to my waist.  Need I say more?  My Jilly billy is in heaven here!  She couldn't wait to get to the corn!
 More corn silliness!
 Daddy was off on Thursday when we visited so Jilly had Daddy to herself.  The littles weren't going to slow her down.  She hardly left the corn!  She would walk a corn field for hours.  It is so peaceful for her to just walk among the stalks.
 This little one walked all. over. that farm, and tried out just about everything.  After a few hours of walking and playing, this little lady was worn out!
 Her legs are getting so long that the little slides don't slide much anymore. :(
 I am surprised that Molly liked the corn as she is not a fan of the rice tent or bean bin at our house.  She did, indeed, have a go at playing in there though, and smiled!
More corn for Jillian!  Seriously, the girl could be found in the corn box or the corn maze most of the day, but she was so, so happy.  She tried the slide once, and liked it, but the corn is a LOVE.  I love this farm!  I am grateful for the gift we received that allowed us to visit!  Thank you for your love and thoughtfulness Connie!  It was a wonderful, family day!

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  1. I wanted to check in and see how your precious girls are doing, looks like they are all doing great and like you have been having tons of fun! The donuts look awesome, we love pumpkin things so we'll have to try those!
    The farm also looked like a blast, I love corn pits! Happy Fall!