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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Her First Hunt

 Shriner's had a free Easter party for the hospital patients.  Attending these events is always fun for the girls as they have lots of kid activities, but it is also a chance to meet families in our area who have children with special needs.  One thing that continually burdens my heart is that many families walk this special needs road without a great deal of support.  I am so blessed that God has equipped me so well for this parenting journey as teaching special education for 13 years before being given our Jilly has helped me navigate the special needs world so much.  Therapies, hospitals, treatments, and the financial burden can be so overwhelming.  I love just getting a chance to connect with other families, and I have been praying so much about how God might use all my experiences to help others outside our family so we always go to fellowship when we get the chance.  Just spending a few hours a few times a month with these children, who are patients, and their families has been such a blessing.
 Molly was a rock star as always.  She loves everything.  Literally, she is the most secure, happiest little thing that ever walked the halls here at our house.  She is a huge blessing!
 This sweet miss is starting to thank her little sisters for their unique needs as we often get to enjoy things because of their groups.  She is along for the ride, and learning about the uniqueness of others along the way.  Many days I wish I could see into her future because I can't wait to see what God does with this passionate one of mine.
 Jilly was incredible.  It was another day that I sobbed the entire way home with the girls in the backseat because I never, never dreamed in that first year home that she would be able to sit in a strange room full of noise, activity, and chaos while coloring calmly.  She really enjoyed the party.
 They have lots of clowns who always make balloon creations at each event.  The girls enjoy that so much.
 By far, the candy was this little one's favorite.  Daddy was trying to limit their intake, but I just let them eat. :)  She enjoyed filling her basket with eggs.  She got right in there grabbing them from the left and right.  She had a good haul.
 Anna Mei loves stuff so she was good at grabbing too.
Though this girl still can't chew, she still grabbed up some eggs and put them in the basket.  This is the first year that she was actually excited to participate in the egg hunt.  I even sent some eggs to school for them to use because grabbing those eggs was so motivating.  It was a wonderful family day.  Spending time in our community with lots of different people is something that I think is so important.  It opens the door to talk to the girls about so many things that the world values, bring it back to God's word, and love on others who we would not normally meet.  I am so thankful for the resources available to us here, and give thanks for the many that we are able to meet because we have these special little ladies in our lives.  God is good!

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