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Friday, November 18, 2016

Apple Adventures

 One of my favorite parts of home school is the flexibility it gives us to do whatever we feel like during the day.  So when a beautiful fall day in late September presented itself, we could drop everything and visit the orchard.  Molly loved picking apples this year, but was frustrated that they were so high up and hard to pull off.  She is vertically challenged and tiny for a three year old.
 She loves to do everything BY HERSELF so she was thrilled to find this one low enough to claim fairly easily.
 This sweet girl is thriving at home.  She is happier than she has been since coming home to us, and it makes this momma's heart overflow.  She loves bossing teaching her baby sister when we go on outings.
 Yum!  Nothing like a fresh picked apple.
 We ended the day with a little swinging which always brings smiles.
Happy babies on a beautiful day equals memories that I long to hold onto.  Here are to more beautiful fall days at Allen's Orchard for many years to come.

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