Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Taking It Slow

Every morning we go to the park. We take it slow..walking along the lagoon, looking at the ducks, swinging in each and every swing that we pass along the way, and just taking it in. Jill loves it and the people who frequent that park as often as we do have really taken a liking to her. They make a point to seek us out and say hello. Many have shared a bit of their lives with us..upcoming surgery, out of work, a son's lost bicycle...and some have asked Jill's story-our family's story. There is one older lady who is there walking everyday. She recently had surgery. I would guess she lives alone and works in a school kitchen. She has shared a bit of her life with me as I have seen her each morning while swinging Jill. I know a bit about who she is and today she asked if she could sit down with us. She did and she asked if we had other children. When I shared with her that we had one 12 year old until our eyes were opened to the orphan..she said you must go to church somewhere. Funny that she connected my willingness to take in the orphan to church. This was my open door to share my heart..who Christ was in me..with this woman. I told her that indeed I did and that my husband was a pastor. We felt called by God to care for this little one who needed a family to raise her up in the Lord and care for her. I told her where my husband pastored and then she was on her way around the lagoon pursuing the walking path with purpose using her cane. A divine appointment. A chance to remember that there are so many around me who may not know Him. What do I do about this? Who am I for Him to these others? Do I intentionally pursue people to make a difference for Christ in their lives? A challenge in the form of a stranger who we have come to recognize because we take life slow these days. What if I had taken life slow all along? Are there some that God would have had me share with that I have rushed by? Sadly, I know there are..I know I fail miserably at times. Yet, God continues to invite me to do His work as undeserving as I am. Glad there is grace for even me and that I am lucky enough to know Him as my Savior.

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