Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Monday, February 13, 2012

In the Cart??

Really, you would have thought I was vacationing in Hawaii. My face exuded joy and I beamed this morning as I walked the aisles at Walmart. In fact, I stuck out so much..I had a fellow momma approach me as if to say..I have never seen a momma so happy to be at Walmart with her little one. (It's true! I was really approached.)

This Jillian rode in the grocery cart at Walmart!!!!

That's right!! She was in the cart-standing in the basket-while I pushed it back to grab a box of diapers. This is huge! This is incredible. This is reason to rejoice, scream, shout, and dance shamelessly in acknowledgment of the Lord's great power in helping this little treasure overcome her fear!! Remember with me friends that ten months ago she couldn't even walk in a store in my arms without a major breakdown. A breakdown lasting hours after we left at times. She wouldn't go near a cart without screaming in anguish. Slowly, she has become familiar with the social routines of shopping while safe in her momma's arms. Slowly, we have explored different stores in said arms and purchased one or two items. Slowly, the breakdowns while entering the stores and having to wait to pay have lessened. Slowly, she has even become sure enough of the environment that she is able to get down and walk a bit. Finally, she is more comfortable with the sights, sounds, and faces of strangers as we shop. She is trusting me more and more.


Today she got in the cart!

She was in the cart throughout most of the store. She was anxious a bit, but she held it together. This means a whole new life routine has opened up to shopping with a list. I don't know if she is ready to join me for my weekly grocery outings yet, but she is getting closer.

Ten months ago, I took so much for granted. I would have never teared up over the fact that my daughter was able to ride in a grocery cart and I would have certainly never been so happy to be running an errand at Walmart, BUT this little baby has changed my perspective so much. Each experience is a HUGE victory allowed by the Lord to bring glory to God through her life. Each new day..a chance to see His redemptive power working through her. Oh, I am so blessed to be able to be a part of it.

The biggest thing I have discovered is that when I started this journey, I often thought about how much this little baby would need me, but was so oblivious to how much we really needed this little baby. She has shown me so much, changed me so much, expanded my heart so much..a miracle is my baby girl indeed. She is a miracle that God is not through redeeming yet and I am praying for His continued healing of her heart!


  1. That's awesome!!! Did she request it or did you just try it? Either way, that is so amazing! And to ride in the cart at Walmart of all places!!! That places is very overwhelming! I'm so excited!!!!!