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You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hiking with Our Treasure

 We decided to hit the trails today since everyone was home for the day.
This is the first time since Jillian has come home that we have gone hiking.
The sun was shining, the leaves were turning, and
Emily agreed to pose for one picture.
 It was so nice to have everyone together today.
 Our Jillian is definitely a nature fan.
This is her running dragging her Daddy at full speed through the grass.
Her laugh kept all the wild animals in hiding as they ran.
It could be heard for miles.
 She loved exploring the tall plants.
 She couldn't get enough of throwing the leaves.
But when we came around the bend to find a creek,
she let out a huge shriek of glee.
It was cold.
She didn't care.
 We let her wade a few minutes and she was thrilled.
 At first, she held on to Daddy.
 Then, she broke loose and enjoyed squishing those toes in the mud.
She was a HUGE fan of the creek.
I have a feeling we may be spending lots of time there next summer.
She was not a fan of getting out to continue the hike.
She was really mad about leaving that spot.
 She did recover and was enjoying exploring
nature again
with her Sissy on one side and her Daddy on the other.
 It was a beautiful morning with lots to explore.
She took full advantage of the time.
She must have touched every tree we hiked by.
Mostly, we just stepped back and watched her taking it in.
She is so very cute and we are so very lucky she is ours.

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