Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

God's Provision

Adoption costs a lot.  When you are fully funded (praise God) and have a new little one home, the costs do not stop.  In fact, when you adopt a child with special needs, there are often additional costs that come along with the treasure you have welcomed home.  The cost of therapy, transportation, and adaptive equipment add up quickly, but what I want to post today is that God provides..never has He left us.  God didn't just provide the $30,000 we needed to bring our girls home and leave us on our own.  He has continued to provide every step of the way.  In the last two years, as we have faced many hurdles in caring for Jillian, whose special needs are so much more than we planned for, God has continued to provide for us in all things.  It happened again in a big way recently.  About two months ago, a family who we now are blessed to know because God has moved us here, showed up at our door with an ipad for Jillian..a free gift for us.  Jillian is nonverbal, meaning she cannot speak words though she has a desire to communicate with us, and so we had been saving for an ipad for her for almost a year.  The ipad technology has augmentative communication software and sign language software that is invaluable for her as she tries to tell us what she wants and needs.  We had almost set aside enough after a year of saving to purchase one and mentioned to this family one day while having lunch with them that we would be in the market for one soon as the money was almost saved.  Then, later the next day, they showed up with a package wrapped for our special little miracle-her very own ipad!  AMAZING!  I continue to stand in awe of how supportive God's people are and how they allow themselves to be used to help us care for our little treasure.  She loves her ipad and I love our snuggle/work sessions when Anna Mei is napping.  She is making great strides here in our new home and I feel so completely blessed to watch her blossoming. 

Not only did this miraculous provision help us, it allowed us to use the money we had saved to help another family in need.  Because we didn't need the money for the ipad anymore, we were able to give it to a very special someone at just the time they needed it!  I love how God cares for us.  I love to watch Him work and am grateful beyond measure to be able to know Him as my Savior!

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