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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Orchestra..Our Fridays at the Library

 Friday, there was a free orchestra concert at the library.  We spend every Friday morning at the library so this concert was a great start!  They played twinkle, twinkle little star while my sweet girl sang and did the motions.
 She loved the stringed instruments.  She was pretty happy to be experiencing it with all the other children!
 Then, we moved to the computer area.  This is a favorite of hers.  She LOVES to play the games.
 She can maneuver the touch screen and match all the baby animals to their mommas because she is a brilliant two year old.
 Then, we participate in a play group right there in the library community room.  It is an amazing group called Play and Learn.  They bring in toys and set up about six centers each week.
 I love exploring all the centers with her and doing the crafts in the craft area.  Our library is AMAZING!  All of this is free and Anna really, really enjoys it.
This is the large, open letter O that is among the giant letters on the wall going into the children's section of the library.  It is a tunnel and she loves crawling through it each week to get to the book section.  We are blessed to have such an incredible library program here!  We even attend a free music class at another branch of the CR library on Thursdays.  Anna loves it all!  I love it too because it is a perfect way to fill our mornings while Jillian is learning at school. 

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