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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Playing Together

 It is difficult to engage Jillian and Anna Mei in play at the same time.  Engaging Jillian is hard work because of her autism and Anna Mei, at two,  just doesn't have the patience and understanding to hold out or wait long enough to make their play last any amount of time.  As a result, playing purposefully together for any amount of time is something that this momma treasures in her heart.  One morning last week, it happened.  Anna Mei and I were in the corner of the dining room, because that is were we happened to land, with the toys she had gotten out.  We began by setting up some bowling pins and crashing a ball into them.  This pulled our Jillian in so naturally.  Initially, Anna Mei screamed (she is two people) refusing to share momma or her toys with Jillian, but after some prompting she relented and Jillian was still interested in playing so we took turns setting up the pins and knocking them over.  It lasted for a good seven minutes.  Jillian and Anna Mei took turns, shared laughs, and enjoyed playing!  Then, after growing tired of bowling, Anna created a new game
using the animal puppets and blocks in the tubs near us.  (Y'all I will never take for granted how easily this playing thing and childhood in general come for most kiddos, like my Anna, again after watching my Jillian struggle through so much!) We still had Jillian hooked, and despite her anxiety over those pesky puppets, she participated fully in Anna's game for a good ten minutes.  Anna would wear the puppet and Jillian would "feed" it a block.  Jillian would wear the puppet (miraculous truly) and Anna would feed it a block.  Then it was momma's turn.  Jillian thought my silly animal voices were hilarious.  It was wonderful to sit in the corner and enjoy a good fifteen minutes playing with my girls.  There was no fighting (unheard of as Anna can a bit difficult when it comes to sharing) and we laughed so much!  I am grateful for every moment I have with these beauties, but this moment was wonderful!  Jillian continues to just amaze me.  I miss our organized play therapy so much, but am so lucky to have seen Miss Amy, our amazing play therapist, playing with my Jill for well over a year.  In that year, I got pretty good at playing myself and I really, really enjoy it!  It is my prayer that I remember just how important is to stop all my business and take time to just play with my treasures!  These moments are the stuff that life is made of.  I know these toys, that now take up about 90% of our home, will be gone all too soon.  Enjoy today!

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