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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Her First Birthday..

There are no words.  I am not often speechless, but this kid..OMW..this kid is thrilled to be having a birthday.  She is something so very, very special and her day so far has been absolutely delightful.  She is counting down the hours until Em is home from school so we can have her official party with the Elmo cake we made.  My heart is happy..overflowing in have this sweet, treasured daughter with us on her "first" birthday!  There is nothing like it!  There is not one picture from today that she isn't just positively glowing!!

 We were able to find her the most adorable little kitchen and laundry center.  Another family had outgrown it at just the perfect time for Anna who was thrilled to see it this morning.
 She immediately began to iron and do laundry just like momma does.
 She even loved waiting for her birthday breakfast!
 Look at her excitement as she sees the candles on the pancakes and hears us singing happy birthday!
 Smiles. Priceless. (Without many of you, this simply wouldn't be.  She wouldn't be here and for that I am forever grateful to you!  Thank you for giving so that she could be home.)
 Dear friends this is the face of a treasured and loved little one on her very first birthday! 
 Blowing out candles.
She was more than ready to enjoy her very first birthday in a family!  We love her immeasurably and are so very happy to have this day with her.

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  1. Awww, so so sweet and precious. That little girl radiates with JOY and LIFE!!
    -Beka =)