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Friday, January 15, 2016

Sensory Fun For Winter Days

Cold, winter days haven't stopped our fun.  Though we prefer to be outside, we have come up with some sensory play and a few art projects to keep us busy.  Anna is painting an egg carton that we turned into a shoe tying toy.  She is getting the hang of tying her shoes with it too.
Molly is painting herself and the table which is her usual routine when the paint comes out.  We turned her egg carton into a button practicing toy.  It actually got very little paint on it though. :)
I had a couple of boxes of jello, and I wasn't sure why.  I made them one day just play in as my kids don't eat it.
Anna loved the science behind this jiggly stuff.
She played in it for 90 minutes.
Eventually, I got out some droppers, and food color.  She loved mixing and creating new colors.
Molly saw that mixing blue with the yellow jello turned it green.
They were quite stained, but, after a good soak, they came clean again.
It was well worth the twenty minutes it took me to clean up.  Thank goodness we have wood floors everywhere though as it wipes up easily.
Jilly is really into (literally) cloud dough right now.  I often let her play with flour last winter, but it was so hard to pick up all that dusty flour.  Cloud dough cleans up like a breeze as it clumps so much easier.
This girl needs to scoop and fling.  In the backyard, she spends hours flinging dirt, gravel, wood chips, and anything else she can find in nature.  I am thankful to have this substitute for the winter months as she really does need it.  Though we are managing to hang in there while playing inside I can't wait for spring to be here so we can be back in the yard playing.  Counting the days!

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