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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Jillian Is Seven

This week we celebrated our Jilly's seventh birthday.  I remember receiving the pictures of her celebrating her second birthday in China without us.  She was crying and crying.  Imagining her home celebrating these days with us kept me going through that wait.
She brings us such joy, and we were thrilled to be able to celebrate her miraculous life!
 I threw her a bug theme party.  This girl loves her some bugs, and dirt!
 Her cake was a dirt cake with bugs on top.
 She stuck her hands in which thrilled this momma!  I may never get her to actually eat her cake, but touching it is progress.
Aren't they just beautiful?
 She opened her gifts.  She is getting more and more tolerant of all these birthday expectations like opening gifts.  She really doesn't care for stuff at all.  This is such a beautiful part of her.  She does not value material things at all.
 I always create a sensory bin for her to match her party theme.  This is by far her favorite part of any party.  I mean favorite!  Look at that smile. It is as big as her entire face.
This year, I made a crushed oreo and green dyed coconut sensory bin.  It looked like dirt and grass.  Then, I put a few bugs in.  She spent about an hour inside this bin digging and flinging.  She kept clapping me over and signing "happy" as she is still mostly nonverbal.  It isn't at all clean when this baby girl gets a sensory bin, but I would do almost anything to make her happy.  That smile is absolutely worth the twenty minutes of clean up.  

How we love you our big girl!  You have absolutely brought more joy and happiness to our lives than we ever imagined possible.  I often say that you wrecked me, and I mean it in the most beautiful sense of the word because loving you baby girl has changed every inch of my heart!  I couldn't think of being without you!

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