Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Monday, March 27, 2017

You Are Never Going to Believe This

Remember that I said in this post that Jillian had collected donations to Lifesong for her birthday party instead of asking for gifts.  Well, the donation was a cash amount so I went on to the my story website, and scrolled through the family profiles to select a family to donate Jillian's birthday money to.  I landed on Jo's adoption.  I don't know why I chose them.  I noticed that they were going to China too, and I saw they had a large need so I clicked donate, entered the amount given at her party, and closed the transaction by typing a "praying for you" message.  In the tagline, I included our blog site just so the recipient could "meet" our Jillian if they wanted to.  Well, what happened next is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  Today, I received an email from this family thanking us for our donation.  Then, she said that she visited our website, and noticed that I was in process too.  She looked further, and saw that I had a gotcha day of April 10.  Her Gotcha Day is April 10th too which is incredible, but then she looked further and saw that I was getting my little peanut in Tianjin.  Guess where she is picking up her daughter on April 10?  You betcha..Tianjin...the very same town on the very same day.  All of our dates in China are exactly the same!  We will get to meet this family, and witness their gotcha day!  It is unbelievable!  THANK YOU so very much to those very special second graders who donated to Jillian's birthday party gift fund as now Jo is coming home, and we are getting to see it up close!  Can you even imagine?  What an incredible, amazing God we serve to cross our paths so intimately.  I praise Him!  I praise Him!  I praise Him!

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