Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

County Fair

Daddy and Emily returned home on Friday night, and our hard, hard week of flying solo is a distant memory.  WAHOOOO!! We didn't let Daddy rest too long because we were dying to head to the county fair.  We had so much fun last year, and this year didn't disappoint.
Molly LOVED seeing all the animals.  Our favorite were the three day old baby goats.  They were so adorable drinking milk from their momma.
One of our favorite spots is the giant sandbox in the corner of the barn.
It didn't disappoint as Ellie Grace was a fan.
I continue to marvel at how easy going and adaptable this baby girl's spirit can be.
This girl is growing so big.  I love who she is becoming.
When our baby is tired, she sleeps.  This personality trait is a huge blessing.  Isn't she just sweet?
Most activities, like face painting, are free at the fair.
It is such a huge treat to have this done each year.
There are lots of exhibits of historical nature that are hands on.
This was a civil war campsite, and the girls loved exploring it.
It wouldn't be the fair without junk food.  Molly loved this ice cream sandwich.
Ride Time is always a thrill.
When the swings started, the look on the girl's face was precious!
Smiles abound!
As always, I spent a good part of the day marveling at this 8 year old of mine.  I never, never dreamed she would look at a camera while smiling.  It wasn't in her skill set for a very long time, but just look at this girl.  To watch her in the midst of this chaotic, loud, unpredictable crowd enjoying herself was a miracle before my eyes.
It was a beautiful day.  We are so thrilled to have Daddy home, and I am certainly praying more diligently for those who do this parenting thing solo.  Being without him for a week makes us give thanks for him even more.

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