Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Meeting Ellie Grace's Diagnosis

You know going into adopting a child with special needs that there will be a diagnosis.  You know they will have special needs, and you choose to welcome that.  Having done this four times now, you know there is no way to know everything about what your child will have when they are finally home.  You choose a child not a diagnosis, and you walk through the dark, by faith, trusting that God will supply your every need to care for them as they grow.  I have done this all before.  I know how it goes, but when the CDD at the U called yesterday saying that Ellie's micro array test had turned up something..I started to panic.  Irrational thoughts swirled in my head about what it could be, and fear took over in my heart.  Immediately, I began going through horrible what if's.  What if she doesn't live until adulthood..what if she has some serious medical need that is life threatening..what if we have to walk through some scary medical stuff.. Then, the most beautiful thing happened. As I was spiraling into panic, my dear Anna Mei came up to me and out of nowhere said, "Momma, I want you to read me a bible verse right now."  She hasn't ever done that before.  I began to read passages aloud, and, as I did, the panic and fear I was feeling subsided.  My sweet six year old treasure listened to the Holy Spirit, and asked, at just that moment, to be read to from His word..which was just exactly what her momma needed to do to calm the fear in her heart.  How I love that my children minister to me.  I am grateful to God for the gift of my precious daughter who, because she knows Christ as her Savior, is filled with the living God who sent her to request that I read her the Bible at just the time I needed to be in the word myself.    What a treasure we have in His word if only we pick it up and read.  I am so thankful for the reminder of that from my beautiful six year old girl when I most needed it.

More to come about our precious treasure, Ellie Grace, and her designer chromosomes.  She is a rare beauty, indeed, designed very uniquely by a God who very intentionally made her perfectly.

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