Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

This Glorious Hope

Two years ago on Easter Sunday, our sweet Chinese treasure was birthed into my arms.  A glorious picture of redemption and new life lived out before us.  This year as I sat holding our treasure's four year old frame in my lap during worship, it was beautiful to think of all that our hope means.  The last two days I have been quiet because the darkness of the crucifixion is horrible and painful for my heart.  I have cried tears over the ignorance of the men who killed our Savior and the unspeakable pain that He endured on my behalf.  Hard, but yet that darkness was allowed by God and necessary so that this light, the hope that we have in a risen Savior, could shine all the more brightly.  I love a God who laid down His own life for me, for the least of the least, for the hopeless, the poor, the drug addict, the broken.. Christ died for us all so that we might have life.  This life that I have because of Him is so full of light and some of the reason that I am so thankful for it is because before Him my life was so dark.  Without Jesus, life was dark and without hope.  This glorious hope that I now have in Him is something that I cherish.  This light that shines in my life when the world around me is in utter darkness  is something I rely on.  This hope fills me with JOY, allows me to love deeper than I could have ever imagined, and blesses me as I walk through this life.  On this Easter Sunday, I rejoice that I worship a risen Savior.  There is no greater hope than the hope found in my King.

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  1. And just year you will be celebrating this glorious day with one more precious child who will know the love of Jesus!