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You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Becoming Sisters

For those of you who don't know our Jillian's story, she is a very special little treasure.  She was 15 pounds at 27 months when she was birthed into our arms.  She was completely lifeless, dehydrated, shut down, and empty.  She was never fed solid food and we suspect that she spent most of her days alone in a crib.  She couldn't walk, didn't respond to language, didn't interact with us, and had a cognitive score of 6 months when she was first tested.  We have had our miracle baby girl home with us for two years and the change in her has been nothing short of miraculous.  She is still nonverbal, communicating with sign language, but understands everything we say to her and loves her family!  She has an autism diagnosis and is a unique little creature created by God in His image.

Many have asked how she is doing adjusting to a new sister because they know her story.
And let me tell you, God is faithful because these two beauties are perfect for each other.
His plan has been for these two to be sisters all along and it is beautiful watching it happen.
Each one has their moments, but by and large they are doing very well together.

 This little sweetie does everything her big sister does even when she is too little to accomplish it well.
She can be quite jealous if momma is giving too much attention to Jillian.
She also always likes to have her way.
(in true 2 year old fashion)
 Jillian is already interacting with Anna too.
She enjoys watching her eat at the table when they are sitting together.
 They seem to understand that they belong together.
Anna does tend to get frustrated some times when Jillian takes so long to answer momma.
I think in the future, Mei Mei will be one who will answer for Jillian and do things for her rather than wait for her to think it out and answer.
The hardest thing about Anna Mei for Jillian is that she cries.
Crying makes Jillian very anxious and it upsets her when she hears Anna fuss.
Jillian will instantly give Anna any toy she wants even if Jill is playing with it to avoid the crying.
When Anna Mei is fussing, Jillian will come up to her and sign stop please.
 The most common interactions are ones like this.
They share toys or objects with one another very well.
They enjoy being in the bean bin together and sitting near each other parallel playing.
Jillian isn't comfortable enough to play her games with Mei yet.
I tried to get her to let Anna Mei swing her doll with her, but Jill wouldn't have it yet.
She only wanted momma to play.
 Over time, I know this relationship will be good for both of my beauties.
I am in awe of God's plan for each of them.
 I am thrilled to watch as they fall in love with each other.
And for the biggest sis..
 Em is very involved with Anna Mei already.
She is carrying her and playing with her.
This is a bit miraculous for my biggest girl as she is very reserved, but Anna doesn't let anyone in her life just sit back and ignore her so big sissy has no choice.  I am grateful God has given me such a special teenager who understands my heart for the orphan and willingly shares her momma so more can be home.  She is so helpful and God is shaping and molding her heart as we live out James 1:27.

(Now if this momma could just sleep past 4:00 in morning this life would be near perfect.  Jet lag is not my friend, but at least Anna Mei seems to be turning a corner.)

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