Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mei Mei Gets Through To Jillian

 Mei Mei has inspired our Jillian to do much already.  
Jillian has never ridden in a stroller.
Strollers evoked terror in her.
(Along with shopping carts and other things she might have to ride in.)
 I'm not sure why.  I will probably never know, but since Mei Mei has been riding in this stroller in the living room being pushed by Daddy and it seemed so fun -Jillian got in!!  Not only did Jillian get in the stroller, but she also let her little sis push her... 
Daily, I marvel at all these two are for each other.
After Jillian gets out, it is her turn to push Anna Mei.
Jillian can get going pretty fast and Anna LOVES it!
Nightly, we can be found pushing this stroller around the circle that is our living room 
having the time of our lives together. It is a good kind of crazy around here.

Just yesterday, Jillian also got back on her swing too after seeing Anna on it.
Swinging is a needed activity for Jillian, but until recently she seemed afraid to do it.
We haven't been able to get her to swing in months.
She has gotten on her indoor swing several times with Anna Mei in the last few days.

And she even spent about 30 minutes letting me push her on the real swing at the park!!
She has never gotten on a big swing-only this platform type, but there she was sitting on the swing next to her sister in the baby swing beaming with JOY!  I couldn't believe it!  I have to admit I shed a tear right there in the park.  Being witness to so much and seeing God's sovereignty first hand as I witness how perfect these two are for each other is a beautiful thing.  How I love them.

On a personal note, I just keeping thinking about how hesitant I was to add another with all of Jillian's special needs.  I keep thinking about how resistant I had been to say yes again.  My our lives are richer because I trusted the Lord and added another treasure in spite of my fear.  Not only that, but Jillian is benefiting so much from having this little girl to call sister.  I really could have missed this!  I am so thankful for all that God continues to teach me about trust and obedience through both of my girls!


  1. So AMAZING . . . Smiling ear to ear for your family!

    Love you

  2. You made me want to cry at the end there. That you could have almost missed this blessing. How many others are missing because they said 'no.' Tears my heart in pieces. But I'm so blown away at your story and the amazing relationship your girls are forming!
    -Beka =)