Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Monday, June 3, 2013

More Firsts..Going to the Zoo

It was sunny.
Finally sunny.
So, I packed up my girls and headed to the Peoria Zoo.
(Anna's first trip to the zoo.)
 We arrived plenty early so we went to the large park area first.  Last year, my sweet Jillian wouldn't go near this swing.  In fact, she would only swing on my lap.
But this year..
She was thrilled to be spinning and swinging at the same time!  I couldn't get her off this swing.  It just makes me smile!  She has made so much progress.  Each time she conquers something new, I just marvel at all that she is and how very much she amazes me each day!  I really felt that way all morning watching her enjoying the zoo.
 Anna loved the playground too.
 Em was a huge help today!
 Anna Mei would have watched the animals for hours.
She was amused by them and repeated the names of each one after we said them.
 Jillian loved looking at the water in each cage.
She really thought they should allow us in to play with them.
(I tried to rationalize with her that it was not a good idea to join the Chinese alligator in his creek, but she didn't give up signing water please.  Truly, I give thanks to God for who this treasure is, how she thinks, and how God knit her all together so uniquely.  It always makes me smile to see things from her perspective.)
 Sissy had to carry Mei a lot.
My this girl is an excellent big sister.
 Lunch time.
This is something Jillian can get excited about.  She understands eating and really enjoys it.
(Again this is miraculous considering how far we have come!)
 Two out of three looking at the camera isn't too bad.
This momma will take it.
 We enjoyed every thing about the zoo this morning.
What I enjoyed most though was having my babies together.
 I laugh when I look at this because again this is one of Jillian's unique interests.  She loves the grass.
She loves the way it moves in wind and how it shakes when she waves her hand over it.  We had to have a moment with the grass.  My unique and beautiful treasure is worth a pause to take in a greenery filled sensory experience.
Mei Mei was pooped and sacked out hard on the way home.  You could hear her little snore all the way up in the front seat. I am beyond grateful for these days as I know how quickly they pass!  Praising God today for my girls and how faithful He has been to our family.

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