Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Just a Packing..and Packing..and Packing

 This moving thing is so much work.  Add in two babies, a hubby, and a teen to guide through the process as well and you might just have a nervous breakdown.  I am being a bit dramatic of course, but it is some serious work and a big mess.  We are trying to have some fun together along the way though and we are thrilled, excited, over joyed to get settled in our new life.
 This little lady of mine LOVES helping her momma.  It is usually a whole lot harder to let her help than to just do it myself, but she enjoys being in my shadow right next to me so I have tried to be very, very patient with her.  She loves moving boxes, sitting in boxes, stuffing newspaper in boxes, and playing with the peanuts.  Jillian usually carries the peanuts around dropping them everywhere so little Mei Mei can be found following her shouting "NO Jill!  Momma PEE (aka peanuts) Jill!"  Anna's language skills are exploding.  She is saying lots and lots of words and is definitely a chatter box.  She is constantly, constantly telling on her sister Jill. She regularly reports to momma all that Jillian is up to and where she is currently located.  I love that she is so interested in keeping an eye on her big sis. 
I have been telling the girls as we have been packing that we are getting a new house.  Well, until last Wednesday when we started loading up a truck I am not sure that Jillian had any understanding.  When she saw the boys all here and the fridge from the basement going up the stairs, she began to understand that something was up.  She quietly escaped down the other staircase and came up behind the boys watching their every move.  I am praying that God is preparing her heart for this move as she is the one who is going to be most out of sorts with all the change.  I know God's got complete control of this and I am resting in knowing He has everything planned.  Friday night is the biggest loading party with the 26 ft. truck coming then.  We need some serious help and lots of prayers as we are about to turn these babies' lives upside down.  They have experienced so much loss in their short little lives already and I pray they will transition smoothly.

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