Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Her First Time Out

This morning little miss decided to throw her raisins on the floor.  Momma promptly asked that she  pick up said raisins and not throw them on the floor again. Mei Mei was quick to say "No" and go about her business.  To which Momma replied, you are not obeying momma.  I asked you to pick up your raisins.  We do not throw raisins on the floor.  You can pick up your raisins or sit in time out.  (At this point, I totally expected her to pick up the raisins.  I never thought she would sit in time out.  She has never had a time out before as we are mostly just redirecting her and giving her time ins because of bonding.)  Well, little miss marched her self to the corner (where she has seen our sweet Jillian serve a few time outs) and sat right down with a smile on her face.  She even moved the little toy chair out of the corner that was taking up space there before sitting on the floor with a sheepish grin.  I had to look away because I was laughing so hard at her and that is not the best disciple mind set.  I let her serve her time out and then gathered my best stern face to discuss her trouble with her.

She then decided that she would obey momma and go pick up those pesky raisins, but she did it with a smile on her face.  She is full of ornery this one.  She has a strong will and a strong sense of wanting what she wants.  She obeys in her time under her terms so parenting her is quite an adventure, but I love every minute.  I think she will be no stranger to the corner.  I hope the new house has a good time-in spot.  I think we are going to be needing it.


  1. Oh, now that is too cute. I think she's enjoying this right now! I had one of those "can't laugh because I'm disciplining" moments today. Doesn't help when 2 older siblings are behind the culprit with grins and stifled giggles!

  2. I was cracking up at how she put herself in time out. That is hilarious! I've had to look away and laugh so many times too! LOVE parenting sweet babies!
    -Beka =)