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Monday, August 19, 2013

The First Weekend of Our New Life..

The first weekend of our new life..
was wonderful!  
I missed having daddy here the last week with us so we were all super happy to be together enjoying the last few lazy days of sunshiny summer.  The splash pad was calling our name by Saturday night as Em and I spent the entire day Saturday shopping at the mecca mall in IA city.  We needed some rest and relaxation after the marathon school shopping trip.
 The free splash pads all over the city are one of my favorite things about our new home.  Anna loves to point to the water and ask "where did it go?" when it turns off.
 Both of the girls run to the sensor to turn it on again when it turns off. 
 They race to see who can get there first.
 The playground is close to the water and the girls enjoy playing there too.
 It always brings big smiles.
 Emily LOVES the park too.
(OK so this may be an exaggeration, but she tolerates it well.)
Daddy ran the trails in the park while we played.  Then Sunday, we enjoyed our first worship at CVBC.  We have felt so loved and welcomed by this special group of people who we are lucky enough to begin serving alongside.  It has been a great week and we are so thrilled to be settled and get started.

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