Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Trip to DQ

My girls are so happy here.  I was trying to be optimistic about this move in the days leading up to it.  I have done my best to prepare these ladies by talking about our new home and using pictures and praying..lots of praying, but I never dreamed Jillian would be so happy so fast.  My word she has grown so much in the last two years.  It is hard to believe, even though the images of her first fifteen months with us are deeply imbedded in my heart, that this is the same child who came home with us from China.  Would you just look at Jillian clapping and smiling?  We walked in the wagon to the neighborhood DQ.  Jill would NOT eat any ice cream, but enjoyed teasing me.  She would open her mouth just until a bite got close and then she would close it up.  Anna Mei on the other hand ate lots and lots of brownie delight.  She was delighted with our evening activities and the hot fudge.
 I made Em pose because now I have proof that she is indeed here with us too.  She didn't want to, but a mother's I say so is very powerful some days.  She got to play a little 3 on 3 with her daddy, some of her new bball teammates, and her coach informally today.  It was great for her, but left her pretty tired because after an hour of bball, she had two hours of volleyball to practice.  Good times!  She is so busy.  This high school schedule is very, very full.  I suppose we will adjust.
Here is a picture of my little sweetie sporting some Iowa goodness.  She is growing up so much!  Notice Jillian in the back of the cart.  She is indeed already even comfortable enough to be shopping here.  I never dreamed she would adjust so quickly.  I am visiting the school program at the end of next week for her.  I need wisdom..lots of wisdom.   This is one special treasure I have and I really need God's guidance in deciding what is best for her as far as schooling goes. Until then, I am enjoying my babies and settling into this new life with JOY! 

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  1. Will pray for you and your family! So excitede that the transition is going so well!