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You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Friday, June 13, 2014

To Her Teachers

(It was my girls last day of school this week and this momma sobbed and sobbed after walking her out of her PK classroom for the last time.  These teachers have been the best and so I just wanted to thank them again.  It is hard to imagine that she will ever again have such amazing people to guide her through the school day, but I pray she does because it makes leaving her so much easier.) 

 Jillian with her special team of teachers.
Thank you for all that you are.Thank you for rocking, loving, and ministering to my treasure each and everyday this year.  You have loved her in ways I never thought possible for someone outside our family.  You have reached her again and again and done whatever it takes in order to do so.  You have understood who she is and embraced that time after time.  You have wept with  and rocked her in her sadness and rejoiced with her when she touched playdough.  You have written me a note about her day each day, texted me pictures of her activities when she was successful or super cute, and reassured me over and over that you care so much for her.  You have learned sign in order to communicate with her, allowed beans in your space to help calm her, and smiled through it all.  You are amazing and she will always have a piece of you with her as she travels on her way.  I love that you wrote in her book the last day that she may have taught you more than you could ever teach her because this is exactly the way I feel about her each day as her momma.  Thank you for shepherding the tender heart of this precious, precious girl of mine.  We will always be grateful to each of you for giving of yourself so much to see her grow. 

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