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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Catch Up..Halloween

Crazy here..I really just find when I am adopting that I can barely catch my breath as my newest babe is always on my mind.  Still without Molly here, there is so much going on.  My babies are growing and changing as they experience each day.  So, here is a glimpse into the last few weeks that I haven't posted.

 Oh, my Anna Mei.  We had a mermaid costume all picked out and ready, but at the last minute before heading out she dug out this dress up garb from her toy bin and created Cinderella.  There was no changing her mind.  She went as Cinderella.
 She loves candy, but hates the "spooks".  She is not a fan of the scary sights.  Her little face quivered as the first ones came to our front door for candy.  I hate the dark side of Halloween myself.
 This was her first Halloween as last year she was so new home that we didn't venture out.  She kept shouting I love, love, love this Halloween!  She really enjoyed it!
 And in true miraculous fashion, Jilly enjoyed it too.  She rang the doorbells and then used her NOVA chat to say "trick or treat".  She could finally say trick or treat!  This momma just glowed watching her participating!  She hates candy of course, but her teen sister was happy to take that over when we got home with it!

 Jillian was a cheerleader.  She had a party at school, and while it took two teachers-one on each side- to assure her enough to participate in the Halloween parade..SHE DID IT!  I watched my baby girl walk alongside all the other five year olds in her class parading before me in her costume.  ADORABLE!
 While she was over stimulated to the max after her classroom party, she was in it all and I couldn't help thinking we have come such a long way! 

When we returned from trick or treating, I watched my biggest girl sit on the steps near our front door with our little Cinderella snuggled in next to her.  I stood back and listened from behind while these two sisters, 15 and 3, chatted.  My camera battery died, but the memory in my heart is precious.  This family that God has woven together for us is so very beautiful.  Sometimes, I just sit back and watch in awe as our life unfolds before us.  We are truly blessed.

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