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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Our First Day At the Beach As a Family of Six

A family of six? Typing that makes me giggle as I never wanted a large family.  I sure never dreamed any of this for our life, but it is so good.  We love the beach.  It is one of our favorite places in the whole wide world.  It is only a twenty minute drive for us and it is totally free. What could be better? I remember sitting at the shores of this lake last August naming Molly Kate and now she is here with us!

 This is definitely Jillian's absolute favorite activity.  She LOVES the beach.  She was thrilled to be here.
Molly Kate doesn't love water so she didn't go near it much, but she enjoyed shoveling the sand in her bucket.  And isn't she adorable in her sun hat?

Anna Mei has grown so much since last summer.  She is a big girl who is so helpful and she loved being at the beach.  She said, "Thank you mom for this day.  It is so fun to be at the beach."  LOVE!

Molly Kate eventually asked Daddy to carry her out into the water a bit.  He did exactly as he was told, and walked in the water while she was in his arms.  She didn't smile too much as she was very unsure about this place, but she did enjoy sitting under the tree on the picnic blanket eating lunch.  The girl is becoming such a good eater.  Emily enjoyed the beach too, but wouldn't let me get any pictures of her.  :)  She is such a blessing with the girls.  It was a blessed day.  I marvel at how easy adding daughter number four has been.  She fits right in with us perfectly!

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