Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

East Iowa Bible Camp

I have a confession to make.  Back in my early twenties, when I had my first babe, one of the main reasons that I wanted only one child was that I wanted to be able to give her every possible material thing that the world offered.  Back then, it was important to me.  I wanted to have a bigger house, better vacations, college paid for, and all the things the world told me made for a happy childhood as well as good parenting.  While sometimes I feel as if I have gotten a hold on the materialistic monster that lives within my heart, it so easily slips back in, and I am constantly handing it to the Lord asking Him to rid me of the world's desires.  This week, we attended East Iowa Bible Camp as a family because my husband was given the opportunity to be the speaker for the Jr High Campers there.  It is primitive with bunk beds, no tvs, no internet, and lots of God's natural beauty.
 The first afternoon there as my girls napped, I thought about all the fun my sweet and precious girls were having.  I smiled as I heard the giggles of my sweet girls in my head while we were playing Go Fish,
  racing in the pool, and running through the tall grass.
Then, it hit me because my desires to give them "everything" and my worry that I can't creeps back  in constantly.  Kids, my kids, don't need Disney World.  
 They need a momma who will take them by the hand and savor the small things, that are often free, with them.  They need a momma who will share her childhood stories with them, who is willing to get dirty alongside them, and who will take time to shape their heart and share the Lord.  How is it that I so easily loose track of this even now well past my twenties? 
 We had such a wonderful week off the grid at East Iowa, and I am grateful to God for the chance we had to be there.  He spoke to my heart and I feel so rested.  Rest that will be needed as we tackle some long and difficult medical appointments in the next four weeks.  God is good to have provided us this respite as a family before the crazy of this fall comes and I praise Him for it!


  1. Glad you got a rest! I think you are one awesome mom!

  2. Oh how I relate! Great post friend. I love the new family picture too!