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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Our Big Girl

 Our big girl has literally grown up at Gull Lake Ministries as we have been blessed to attend each summer since she was eight years old.  Each year, she has such an amazing time and grows so much in the Lord that she loves, loves coming.  She is assigned a small group and given a counselor to hang out with her as we are there.  This young person was amazing this year and happened to play college basketball too which we loved.  Our teens really liked her.  
 We are so blessed to be able to give our big girl a week like this.  She also gets to reconnect with two of her friends from IL while we are there and it always means so much to us as we spend the week with these old friends.
 They have two daily worship sessions where,after singing, they are challenged by speakers to get into the bible and give themselves fully to the Lord.
There are so many things to do for our entire family which is so nice given the age difference between the littles and our biggest girl.  Everyone loves coming here. 

We can't wait to be back here next summer.  With only two more summer vacations until she leaves us for college (YIKES), I am embracing every moment with our young woman.  I don't know where the years have gone, but I am so grateful for the memories we have at this special place and the wonderful group of people we have been able to share them with here over the years.  

One of the most special things about Gull Lake is that at the end of the week, the counselor presents our girl with a character certificate.  At the presentation, the certificate is read to her.  It is amazing how the counselors build into the young people who attend.  She is not terribly emotionally, our Emily, but she cherishes these certificates.  She hangs them up in her room each year and is careful not to bend it in her luggage on the trip home.  These mean so much to her.
So grateful to the amazing staff that provide us with a God filled week in this heavenly place.  There is nowhere better to spend your summer vacation than the shores of Gull Lake.

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