Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Her Joy..

 I settled the little girls on the steps outside our condo for a picture together before heading up to the stars and stripes carnival on Thursday night at Gull Lake Ministries.  In every frame..every single one.., this newest babe of ours is full of joy.  Seriously, people stopped as our girls were sitting there and just asked to watch her.
 I never imagined that a little one would be so naturally happy given all that this last six weeks has brought her.  I never expected her to be so closely knit to our hearts so quickly either, but look at her.  How I am absolutely smitten for that little face, those wonderful little hands, and that smile!
 She LOVES so big.  She adores her sisters.  Two nights at GLM, we have an adult banquet night.  I hesitantly left our newest babe under the care of one very special college girl, who was dying to love on her for us, so that I could get a bite to eat.  As long as she was with her sisters, she was her usual, happy self.  How can it be that she knows these two are her sisters when they only met four weeks ago?  How is it that she is so secure and feels so safe with them already?
I feel this each time we add to our family.   I feel like I have been waiting my whole life for this little one to fill a spot in my heart.  She is an amazing, joyful little bundle that fits perfectly in my arms.  I am in awe of her little spirit and all that she has added to us.  As they were sitting there on the steps of this amazing vacation place, they started singing together and drew quite a crowd of onlookers who asked if they could just watch them.  Of course, we chuckled and said "yes".  These three amazing little people, each with unique journeys to our family, are such an incredible blessing to us.  To think that God preserved their lives in those early days, and then allowed them to be ours a half a world away is so much for my mind to ponder.  Yet, it is there in my mind each day as I parent them.  How I pray that those touched by our children this last week will do more than pat us on the back, comment on how adorable they are, and then thank us for going to get them, because millions more, just as precious, wait for someone to call momma and daddy.  Go friends.  Say yes.  Open up your hearts and homes because you won't believe the blessings that wait.  Enjoy their song..

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