Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Those Beautiful Hands

Yesterday, it happened.  I have had my newest little one home now for nine weeks, and, honestly, I expected it to happen before now.  When we were in the pharmacy picking up a prescription (endless these days), the pharmacist hoisted the magical bucket of suckers over the counter because, frankly,  my girls are treated like royalty there.  I swear they would give them golden suckers if they had any on hand as they love on them so much!  As the bucket of treats was thrust my girls way, the kind pharmacist said to Anna Mei.."Maybe you should grab two because I am not sure your sister (Molly Kate) can (because of her hand deformity)."  Just as the words were coming out, my dear baby used those amazing hands to grab a sucker before her big sister even had a chance.  The pharmacist didn't expect it, and was surprised that she could use her one finger on her "worst" hand to get a sucker so fast.  I am sure this isn't the first time that Molly will meet this situation.  She may come in contact with many who think she can't do something because of her hand deformity.  So, I used this as an opportunity to tell my babies that they can do absolutely anything.  Those hands being different won't stop my  Molly one bit.  In fact, the girl is more independent than both of my other babies who came home at two from China without a hand special need.  She can color, take off her shoes, feed herself, climb the ladder to the slide, string beads, play the ipad, and just about everything else most other two year olds can do!  She is truly amazing, and, while most of the other world sees those beautiful hands and short arms as a disadvantage, they are her most precious feature when I look at her.  I praise God for she is fearfully and wonderfully made by a creator who knew what her story would be long before I said yes to bringing her home.  He has loved her, cared for her, and kept her close even as he was knitting her together in her China Momma's womb.  Those beautiful hands, and all she can do with them, are reason to believe that there is a creator whose plan is so much bigger than our human minds can ever imagine.  I am so very blessed that I get to walk alongside this little one because she is taking on the world and changing many hearts as she does it.

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