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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Molly Writes and Spells Her Name

This amazing girl of mine has been handed her fair share of challenges.  She has only been in our family for 18 months, has no thumbs, is missing radial bones in both of her arms, and has severe hearing loss.  The first time she began to hear sounds at all, with the help of her aids, was not even 12 months ago yet.  She has had many things stacked against her, but she continues to blow us away with how quickly she is learning so much.  She is such a bright, bright girl who has such a strong will to take on this world with all those challenges and conquer it!  I am in awe of her..

 I  made this sensory bag below with hair gel, 
a quart freezer bag, 
some silver duct tape (to seal the seams),
and foam letters that spell her name.
It is small so we can take it with us
to keep us busy squishingly sequencing and spelling 
her name where ever we go.
And here she is spelling her name..

For three years old, her cognitive ability is pretty much where it should be!
Though she has only been hearing for 12 months, her receptive language is within average range!
She is amazing!  We are so blessed to call her our daughter!

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