Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Our Dossier Is Authenticated

Our dossier is certified, authenticated, and being overnighted to our agency in California this very minute!  I am giddy!  My fourth dossier is about to make its way across the world to Ch*na!  I never dreamed this for myself, but God~God knew all along how this would all go!  Praying like crazy that I get my Letter Seeking Confirmation (our next step in this process) before the shutdown for Chinese New Year at the end of January.  It is nearly impossible, but I have seen impossible before many, many times in this process so I am hoping!  Now to get Anna Mei's passport, and begin to get things in order for our travel.  Oh, I can't wait!!

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