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You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I was sitting in  a chair across the room from my treasure who was working with the OT and speech therapist that she sees in the school for therapy each week and  then it happened...SHE DID IT!

The OT and speech therapist have been introducing pictures that match all the objects that they have available for play during the last two sessions.  Generally for kiddos who are not able to speak, you use a picture exchange communication system to give them a voice and so that they understand communication is a back and forth exchange.  This is what we are working up to and this is the first session that they were requiring her to give them a picture to get something.  In this case, she was very interested in the OT spinning the sit and spin. Our little miss wanted her to keep spinning that thing around as fast as she could while she watched from a distance.  Jillian began communicating by throwing the OT's hand up.  (This is pretty typical for her to begin with..using gestures and we are thankful for that, but need her to be more specific.)  The OT modeled her giving her the picture and then spun the sit and spin for her. Jillian caught on to the picture exchange idea very quickly because well...she is a very bright girl. :)  They exchanged a few times and my Jillian was really digging that spinning sit and spin..

AND then it happened. 

She looked at the picture on the floor and then straight into the OT's eyes AND SHE SIGNED MORE!!!!!! 

She realized that she had "language" to communicate what she wanted and without any prompting from the therapists, all on her own as if a light bulb turned on, she signed more!  I said with a gasp..that's more.  She's signing more!!!  It was all I could do not to bawl right there in that chair. 

She has only been signing independently, without hand over hand, for a week.  A week ago today, I realized she was signing eat as we walked to the park pavilion to eat and well since then she has taken off at home with those two signs.  She is signing eat and more and trying to model others I show her. 

And now after just a week..She did it with a new person in a completely new place without any prompting..SHE SIGNED MORE TO COMMUNICATE with someone other than me!!

I was still tearing up over it when we got home and I told Daddy who was waiting lunch on us.  It is so incredible to be able to walk with this little girl in this life.  Seriously, she is amazing and watching God restore her is sooo beyond any words that I could type.  I am in awe of her.  I am in awe of God who chose me to be her momma and has allowed me to stay home with her each day so that I could witness it.

Here are two videos that I shot of her signing.  She is so darn cute.. Isn't she?

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  1. I AM BAWLING!!! What an awesome break through for her! To understand how to communicate is such a hard concept to teach & learn, so this is truly AMAZING!!!! I am so proud of her!!! SO AWESOME!!!! Happy Day!!!!!