Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good Grief

My sweet girl struggled a bit today.  When she is tired and needs to sleep, she is just unable to let me comfort her yet.  The grieving is good, but hard for momma to watch.  Also because food comforts her, she has been eating like there is no tomorrow and so she has had some tummy problems too.  I have just taken things very slow today.  She saw the video camera and thought it was an iphone.  She started dragging her finger across the screen as if it were a touch screen and putting it up to her ear as if it were an ipod.  I bet the nannies let her play with their phones.  She loves to be out people watching in the ergo, but has not gotten down at all.  She stays very close to me when we are in a group.  She still hasn't walked much and doesn't want to even stand.  I think she may have some need for PT which will be new to me because that is the one therapy Jillian doesn't have.  She is strong when we play, but hasn't probably had much chance, or desire to, run, climb, and play.  She took a long bath tonight too.  She dumped water back and forth between the two cups I had and really enjoyed herself.  We went to eat at an Italian restaurant tonight were she sat and delighted in the company of Anna and Toni for an hour and a half.  She loves adults and loves being the center of the universe.  It seems that she has been highly favored and is very used to getting what she wants.  I love that my girl has known love.  I love that she smiles and poses for the camera.  I love that she loves the ergo.  I am nuts about this little one.  I am very ready to have her home.  Only about 9 more days until we fly out, but whose counting?


  1. The grieving is so hard to watch, but so important that they go through it. It sounds, though, like she has a vibrant personality! Oh, and you're missing some crazy thunderstorms back here!!

  2. Anna is such a treasure! God will see you all through each step of the way. It will be so wonderful to know you are safely home with your new addition.

    Praying for you all.


  3. You'll be home before you know it, hang in there! How precious that she enjoyed pouring water. What a fun way to pass the time for a little one! Praying for you both every day until you're home!!
    -Beka =)

  4. Julia was allowed to play with someone's phone, too. She is very experienced with games! Her walking has improved so much since coming home last month. Your DD will get there! Congrats!!!!