Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Friday, September 13, 2013

School.. A Report

 It has been nearly a week since I first dropped this little treasure off at K Elementary.  Nearly a week since I began to entrust her to the three wonderful teachers and countless therapists there.  She is doing amazingly well!  She loves to ride in the wagon each morning to school, loves wearing her backpack, and is growing pretty comfortable in the classroom.  She has demonstrated understanding of the work and then break doing a preferred activity already.  She participates in circle time and does all the finger plays.  She especially liked the row, row your boat game.  She can touch and drag her picture on the smart-board and is proud as peaches about it as she was the only one who could.  She didn't really like shaving cream or finger painting, but did participate for a few minutes.  Her teacher recognized it stressed her out considerably and so she didn't push her too much.  Then Jillian signed to be rocked and her dear teacher dropped everything, took her to the chair, and rocked my baby.  God bless her!  I am thrilled that this little one is signing so much at school and that they understand her.  She is picking up so many new signs at home that it is hard for Daddy to keep up with the new ones I have taught her.  Each day I pick her up on the playground before lunch time and she is running like the wind playing care freely among the other PK classes!  This momma's heart is full.  I never dreamed that she would do so well as I thought she would be so unhappy and full of anxiety right away, but so far she has held it together so well.  I know that the hard days will come, as they always do with my angel, but for now I am proud of all that she is accomplishing.  I tell you parenting this baby is like walking on Holy Ground as there are so many miracles all around us where she is concerned.  I am blessed beyond measure that God has entrusted her to me.

As for this little sweetie, she LOVES having momma all to herself and the many adventures we go on, but she wants to go to school too.  Each morning she goes into Jillian's classroom and parks at the table expecting that she will be given work to do too.  Today, we enjoyed an indoor playground at the mall and then visited a popcorn shop with 200+ varieties.  They give free samples so we had our fill then purchased the cheddar bacon flavor.  YUMMY.  We are making precious memories and I am so thankful to have this time with her.

I was walking them to school the other morning and glanced back to see them.  Anna Mei was reading a book and Jillian was staring into her mirror.  I was overcome with God's goodness and thought about how at thirty-seven (did I just reveal my age?)  I never dreamed I would be walking a wagon to preschool with my littles inside, but here I am.  I am so thankful that God's plans are so much bigger than I ever let myself dream and that I get to enjoy the beauty of mothering these two littles.  Truly, I am grateful for my children and understand what a treasure each one is. 

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