Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Fun on the Farm

 We spent the day at a local pumpkin patch and farm with some new church friends.  I was really scoping it out as I am taking Jillian there with her PK class next week and I wanted to know what I was in for.  My was it a wonderfully fun place.  Anna thoroughly enjoyed every. single. moment.
 There was a huge jumping pillow.  Anna couldn't get enough of it.  We visited it several times during our visit.  It made her so happy.
 There was a HUGE crib of corn.  (Can I just say I can not wait for Jillian to see this!)  It was so much fun!
 Is there anything cuter than little bare toes? 
 Happy, happy day!  This little sweetie was all smiles today!
 She kept pointing and saying pumpkin again and again!  She had no idea what these huge orange things were before we saw one in the store last week.
 She loved the horsey swing, duck races, goats, hay rack ride, giant slide, hay maze, homemade fudge, jumping pillow, ride on tractors, sandboxes..I could go on and on!  We even had most of the place to ourselves which was fabulous!
We ended this amazing day in the giant rocker for a photo.  Today, I am feeling so lucky that I can call this little one mine!  I love her!  I love her!  I love her!  What a tremendous blessing to have the day with her playing and having so much fun! If you gave so that this little one could come home, I thought of you today and thanked God for your sharing what you had with us because just look at orphan no more because of you!  THANK YOU dear, sweet friends!

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  1. Leslie,

    I get so much encouragement from reading your blog. It is so neat to see how much our Anna's favor in some pictures. Watching the video of you reading the book was so cute. Our Anna's seem to sound very similar too. Anna Kate has finally gotten where she will sit still long enough to read a book.