Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Her First Day of School

 Literally my heart could burst because today I walked this lady out the door and into her preschool classroom.  I left her there today.  We have visited together, met with the team, had the team over to our house, written social stories, taken pictures, made lists, filled out paperwork, and today was the day that she walked through the doors of a HUGE school as a PK kiddo.  I never dreamed I would have the peace that I do, but this program in our new city has much to offer our angel and so I am giving it a shot.   She is precious to me beyond words and I am blessed that God has intrusted this special beauty to me, but I am also thankful to now live in a community that has so much to offer her.  We are now living in a huge city and so there is so much more for her.  You can see God's hand in placing us here in every aspect of our lives.  I even told Sean that I am sad that we haven't had her here all along because there is so much here that we can access.  It may be too much for her to be in school, but I am trying it.  I will pick her up before lunch though she could stay all day.  ALL day is too long for this little treasure right now, but I am thankful that they are so willing to work with us to find the best balance for her.  Truly they are so willing to individualize just for her and I love that they are willing to do that.  Anna Mei just kept following Jillian around saying Anna Mei go school.  Truly this littlest beauty can't wait to be in school like her two big sisters.  As for momma, I am going to use the time to work on bonding with her and trying to enjoy all these little moments that are gone way to soon as my babies grow older.

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