Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This Girl

 This girl..
loves everything I give her to do especially if it involves her receiving my undivided attention.  She loves to color, draw, paint, take puzzles apart, craft, cook.. She loves it all.
 She is a ham.  Notice she is wearing Daddy's black socks, sunglasses, and pajamas.  With her strong will strongly intact, you never know what you might find her in or out of.  You have to pick your battles with this one.
She can be so loving.  Look at those little lips.  She sits outside the shower the whole time I am in there and opens the curtain frequently for a kiss all puckered up just like this.  Who can resist her?

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