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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our Christmas Day..Anna Mei's First

 Anna Mei woke this morning to begin her first celebration of Jesus Birthday!  She was so excited!  She loved finding this sweet dollhouse. 
 She had never seen a slinky.  She was fascinated.  In true strong willed fashion, she refused to wear her Christmas pajamas last night.  I love her spunky spirit as she demanded butterflies.
 (Twelve years ago, this very same dollhouse was sitting out for our Em the Christmas that she was two.  I am mighty glad Grandma saved it. It is more special to have Anna playing with it as we remember Em this age playing with it.)  She was very excited to find her Elmo underwear too!  She put it on right away!
 Jillian always loves some slinky!  She also had some bags of dry red beans in her stocking to spill on the floor.  Good times for her!
 She found a tent full of rice this morning!  She has been busy all day in there.  It is such fun!
 Her favorite part of the morning was eating on the couch.  She loves being waited on.
 Anna Mei helped with Christmas breakfast...dark chocolate/ peppermint pancakes.  Yummy!
 Emily slept until well after 9:00.  She is a teenager and we opened most of our presents last night.  She did enjoy her angel pancake for breakfast.  She has played with her sisters all day.  Love this kid!
 Jillian made all of us (including Daddy get in that tent).  My back is killing me tonight, but it was a beautiful day.  We just played and enjoyed being together.

You can see lots of video on my youtube channel.

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  1. Wow, a tent full of rice. That would be EVERYWHERE at our house! I bet my kids would love it though! So neat that you give Jillian so many sensory things! Loved reading this post and your last one!
    -Beka =)