Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Man at the Over Pass

It was nearly twenty below zero last Wednesday morning as I drove my treasure to therapy up the interstate past the exit I have come to hover around.  I hover because there is a man often standing there holding his sign asking for food and work.  I take this exit often, though it is out of the way, and always look for him because I deliver food every time he stands there, but it had been nearly a week since I last saw him yielding his cardboard sign and I had wondered about him each day that week.  On this morning, there he stood, out in the twenty below zero cold, holding his sign for food, and this time asking for blankets as well.  I drove through Culvers and got my usual for him-the number one with hot, black coffee.  As I pulled out, I peeked in my mirror and saw my beautiful Jillian sitting in her seat and  I prayed with her for this man.  I prayed that his needs would be met and I thanked God for meeting the needs of my sweet treasures when they lay on the side of the road in real need in China the day they were abandon.  Having these two girls has changed something so deep inside of me.  This man, whom stands beside the over pass, is like my own daughters.  What if no one had stopped for Anna Mei on January 16, 2011 as she lay on that road by the bank?  What if everyone was too busy or thought someone else would do it?  What if no one took the time to lift Jillian from her finding spot on March 16, 2009?  My heart aches at the thought of my babies alone with such a real need and so I meet this man's needs because someone met the needs of my babies when I couldn't.  Honestly, I have grown to love this little man even though I know nothing about him.  He wears a red sweatshirt, sincerely thanks me each time I bring him something, and says God bless you.  God bless me?  I wish I could just pull over and tell him about how God has blessed me again and again because I know His Son as Savior, but I turn my blinkers off and pull back in traffic and our interaction is quickly over because traffic is zooming by as each of us go about our day seemingly untouched by the hurt and need around us.  What if I just took a little more time to be Jesus to others?  What if we all did?  This man, and the need of my daughters, leaves me longing for Jesus return when there will be no more evil, no more need, and the lion will lay with the lamb.  Until then, I will keep bringing food to this man and doing my best to meet the needs I see in my corner of God's world because He has given me so very much.

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