Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Today, I watched my Jilly sleep and I wept.  I wept because I was filled with love for her as I watched.  I thought about how miraculous she was and how beautiful she is growing up to be, but then I thought about the millions of little girls sleeping in institutions around the world without a mother to watch them sleep.  I was undone.

Friday, I went to an IEP meeting for my Jillian.  I sat around the room at her school with a team full of incredible people who love my girl and are devoted to making sure she reaches her full potential.  The opportunities she has in the district we are in are simply incredible.  I was happy to hear of all their plans for her, but then I cried the whole way home because I just wish that the millions of other special needs orphans in the world could have what my baby girl does. 

A little over a month ago after just seeing Molly Kate's face on a data base, I took my Anna Mei to her first dance class.  I watched her with great pride as she was adorable in her tutu moving across the floor.  I stood around the small viewing window as the six other momma's watched with the same adoring eyes looking at their daughters just as I was doing.  It made me ache down deep inside that millions of children will never see eyes of a momma looking adoringly at them. 

I listened this week to Anna Mei as we drove in the van say to her daddy..Can you come too Daddy because you are great because you are MY daddy!  I was not the only one tearing up as Sean could hardly see to drive.

Y'all it makes me long for Jesus return in a way I never have because children were not meant to be without a momma and daddy.  It also makes me want to shake those around me who say things like you can't save them all and can you fix her hands when they look at my Molly because to God who created her she is one precious treasure among the all who will be coming home.  And this perspective, dear friends, is why we willingly go again without counting the cost  to add just one more child to our quiver.  This is why we sell our wedding rings, part with stuff, and give up vacations just to have one more home because home is where every precious child belongs.   I regret so terribly all the time I wasted blinded by this world to the needs of these amazing children who wait for the love of a family because these treasures that God has entrusted to me are by far some of the greatest blessings of my life.  There are many, many more blessings waiting to be called son or daughter.  Is one of them yours?

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