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You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Molly Katherine Ling, One Year Old

Our home study is moving along at lightning speed which means our bills are coming due for our agency and US Immigration!  We are thrilled that things have moved along so steadily, but we need to meet the financial needs of this phase more quickly than we had planned.  We know God's got this and we are trusting him!

Please, Please pray about the following ways to help us with One More Loved- Bringing Home Molly Kate...

1.  MEET MOLLY KATE and shop in her name..we have set up a new fundraising page, (click here), with a picture and video of our Molly Kate at One Mission Fundraising.  They are an amazing, small company in our area that facilitates online fundraising by offering quality products for purchase.  It isn't too early to think about Christmas and shop for friends or family.  You can also make a straight donation directly through one mission.  Please check it out and share it with your friends on facebook and through twitter.  We will get a portion of every product you buy and the flat donations will come straight to us. 

2.  Virtual Garage Sale Contributions..We are selling most everything that isn't pinned down here at our house and we are grateful for the extra funds it is bringing in.  If you have something laying around that you don't use, would you consider donating it to us to sell on Craigslist or selling it yourself and donating the funds to us?  We are planning to sell our wedding rings, a guitar we don't use, and some antique dishes that are just being stored collecting dust.  You would be surprised how quickly things add up. 

3.  ADOPTIVE FAMILIES .. We are in need of names of adopted children that can be listed on the back of our fundraising shirt.  We have designed a front logo that says (adopt) 1 more loved with 1 john 4:19 referenced.  This logo will be on the front of the shirt, but we would like to list names of your adopted kiddos on the back as a testimony to the many one mores that are thriving in a loving family.  We featured more than one hundred names on our last t-shirt and it was such a testimony!  PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY AT,, WITH YOUR CHILD(REN)'S FIRST AND MIDDLE NAME so that it can be included on our list!  Order information for these shirts will be up on the blog shortly. 

As I look into the faces of my two adopted treasures that are home and thriving, I am all the more anxious to get this new baby here.  I am forever grateful to those who wrote my first two adopted daughters' stories by supporting us as we raised the money to get them home.  I am so very grateful, as well, to those of you who are choosing to support us now.  Molly Kate's story is being written through you with each prayer you offer, each product you buy, and every single thing you donate.  THANK YOU!!!

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