Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Saturday, July 21, 2018


Difficulties wake us up to the reality of our own mortality... to the emptiness of this a hope that is only found in the death and resurrection of Christ. -David Platt

One thing about mandatory hospital bed rest is that in the quiet of this room there is much space to hear God. Funny isn't it.. we live our daily lives so busy that we seldom take time for quiet or to be still, but when God allows us to experience that which forces us to do so we remember the blessing of drawing close, quietly to him. I am on day five of my hospital stay and we are well on our way to 35 weeks gestation for our strong boy. Yesterday, we set a surgery date of August 1st because he will be 36 weeks by then. We are both stable, and, while I miss my hubby and babes during the day, I can't miss what a blessing being in his word during this time has been. The bleeding that sent us here in emergency mode Monday night has stopped, and the placenta is doing a good job of keeping baby boy going! My blood pressure remains low even though they say I have preeclampsia, and overall I just sit here and wait. Who thought that at 42 Years Old, I would be here, but I know that God has such a plan for this miraculous little life. Today I am grateful for His word taught, and so easily accessible in this country as I am able to fill up every morning. David Platt's Threads series has had my Bible open each morning and been so challenging stirring my soul to anticipate all that God has in store ahead. I continue to be beyond grateful for those in our lives who love and support us. I covet your prayers that our little man stays safe and growing until the 36 week appointed benchmark, that our delivery goes smoothly, and that my recovery is swift. I feel as if there is much more to do for the Lord yet , and I am anxious to begin. Keep your prayers coming.

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