Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Friday, April 8, 2011

For Real? On Easter!!

Just received an email late last night that the Ch*nese government has moved our day up. Yes, they have decided we should get Jill sooner. Can you believe it? We will meet Jill in Xi'an on Easter-Sunday, April 24.

The most miraculous thing is that I have a dear, praying friend who has told me since early fall that she had clearly felt God telling her that we would have Jill by Easter. When she said that I continued to say... that is impossible...that would be unheard of super fast..there is no way. Then when we got our intial date-she said well it is still Easter here when you get her. Indeed, it was going to still be Easter here..BUT..God is so much more powerful than halfway because we got an email yesterday evening saying we would indeed have our daughter on Easter. It will be about 3:00 AM here Easter morning when she is placed in our arms for good. What a memorable Easter indeed. What a powerful picture of the blood of Christ and the power of our God to redeem what is broken. Praise God for this gift! An Easter momment that we will never forget.

Sharing this journey with you has been a blessing. If you would, continue to pray as we pack, prepare, and plan. We are so lucky to have so much support. China here we come.


  1. You are truly blessed by God and so has your journey!

  2. I LOVE YOU LESLIE ! I'm praying for you!! and will be rejoicing at 3AM Easter :)

  3. As if God hasn't done enough... then he gives u more. How amazing. We will be thinking about u on Easter! We will pray for safe travels & that Sean will be calm on the plane. Can't wait to see you together as a family!!