Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Moment by Moment

One thing I am learning is this journey has to be lived in the moment because if you take it beyond that you are way to overwhelmed. In one moment you can be elated and overcome with joy and in the next you are driven to your knees in prayer.

We were taking off in the plane yesterday and Jill was recovering from a meltdown. My heart was hurting so because she was so upset. I say to DH PRAY!!!! Jill did amazingly well overall and only had a few meltdowns. I even got to hold my girl a lot because we were on the move and she tolerated it. The power of God was certainly present. She is walking me around everywhere holding on to my hand. She explored the airport like crazy and was very comfortable. She even showed a bit of determination in trying to get me to walk her in the opposite direction and laughed at me when I insisted we turn around. She is a true joy!!

The most precious part of the last day is watching Em fall in love with Jill. Jill walked with me holding one hand and big sis holding the other for hours in the airport. Em has started taking pictures of Jill doing everything and even put her socks on her without my asking for her to. She is going to be a wonderful big sis. I am praying that this journey is working in her heart and drawing her closer to the Lord as well.

We made it to Guangzhou and it is wonderful here. Soft beds, beautiful parks, English speaking hotel staff, other English families... Oh it is so good. Please pray we are headed to the doctor soon. She has to get a TB test-this will not be pleasant. Then we will spend a quiet afternoon here so we can all rest from our trip yesterday. Home with our baby girl in six days. :)

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  1. God is so good, as we all well know. I have asked my church to pray for your travel home. Hope you don't mind. :-)