Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Please Pray..

Our sweet little miss is having tubes put in those pesky ears of hers tomorrow. She is also have an audiological exam done while she is sedated. The procedure is nothing complicated and it should go very smoothly. Psychologically that is another story...I am worried about not being able to feed her, having her away from me when she is waking up, and just how upset she is going to be about being in a new place and being prodded. I explained to the nurse how very special our baby is when she called (I am sure every mom does this!) and she assured me that they would take very good care of her.
Please pray specifically that..
our girl will have peace.
she will not be upset about not eating..she has known hunger and I don't want her to think there won't be food when she needs it.
we can provide her some pain relief as these ears have been really hurting her.
we will be able to handle the results of the hearing test and provide our baby girl with the best chance at reaching her potential.
Thank you sweet friends. How we are blessed by you.

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